Online learning has become one of the direst needs of the time. With dealing business transactions, to schooling and even to shopping, all your wishes are just a few clicks away. Well, we have another addition to our list. You can now get online Christian, praise & worship song lessons or guitar lessons without having to worry about taking your weekly music lessons after school. Your dream to become the next Jimmi Hendrix is just few online classes away.

Below is a list of top online Worship bass guitar to help you climb the first step of the ladder.

Beginner Guitar Lesson One course by GuitArmy

As evident by its name, this course takes the new potential guitarist on a journey of consistent learning and eventually taking your guitar game to the next level. It is available on Skillshare to help you begin. The course is headed by Chris Rupp of 18 years and has managed to upload over a dozens of guitar lessons over a short period of time. He starts off with giving you the most basic guitar information teaching you how to hold the guitar and the pick, finger numbering, strumming, playing a music chord as well as taking notes – sometimes it may even assist with worship drumming.

Learn Basic Jamming Skills for Guitar

Another musician helping potential guitarists worldwide is Will Edward. His classes are also available at Skillshare. This is a more advanced course, rather a next step for the beginners after they have learnt the basic guitar playing, sometimes best for easy christian songs and chords for guitar. The class starts off with teaching the guitarists tuning basics, gradually channeling into advanced skills like metronome, playing scales of “cowboy’s chords” etc. one thing to remember is the cost. The classes at Skillshare are free when you create an account but most are required to take premium membership which is as cheap as $99 annually and $19 per month. Yes! that’s how affordable it is!

Ultimate Beginner Masterclass with Henry Olsen

Next online course and worship piano tutorial online available at Skillshare is given by Henry Olsen. The way he brings up guitar gears in his classes is really intelligible and fun to play. You can also get information about what type of guitar is best for you and different strumming patterns coupled with riffs on an electric guitar as well as acoustic tricks. He also mentions exciting tips to make your lessons easier to understand. It is almost like having a private class with the guitarist himself. His courses have different packages. The standard package costs $85

Curious Guitarist with Dan Dresnok

This course offered by Dan Fresno is full of versatility. Since he has everything to offer for a potential guitarist or worship vocal tutorials online, you can easily improve yourself as you proceed with your lessons. He teaches both acoustic as well as acoustic guitar lessons focusing on ear-training, strumming patterns, rhythm and basics of chords. He covers his courses with 30 hours of video, 54 downloadable, resources along with 10 backing track videos. His courses cost $80 dollars.

These are just some of the multitudinous online courses we have discussed with you. The internet is packed with many other courses so make sure you register yourself for your favorite one.
Happy Instrument Playing!

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