Physiotherapists and chiropractors both work in the field of health care. A chiropractor offers his services to the public in a chiropractic clinic or in an office setting. It is important that the chiropractor and the physiotherapist work well together to provide excellent care to their patients. Physiotherapy can be effective in healing back pain. But it will not be as effective when combined with chiropractic therapy. When seeking care from a Chiropractor and podiatrist in Epping, our team can help a patient achieve maximum results.

Chiropractors in Epping are trained to locate misaligned spinal bones or joints which are putting pressure on the spinal cord. They can then correct or realign these bones or joints to relieve pressure on the spinal cord. The chiropractor works with the patient by applying controlled pressure on the spine and allowing the patient’s muscles to realign themselves. The physical therapist is responsible for helping the patient with stretches and strengthening exercises. They also help the patient relax their muscles so they do not tighten up once more.

Epping Osteopaths have the skills needed to take X-rays and create hand and feet images to make a diagnosis of herniated discs or other problems. Sometimes they can even refer their patients to the chiropractor for X-ray and laboratory testing. They can help patients who have had traumatic injuries or strokes. The therapist may ask the patient to move around to stretch the muscles in the neck and spine.

The physiotherapist in Epping can also use their skills to help patients with muscle strength training or muscle tone. They can help their patients balance on their feet and get up from sitting. They can also instruct their patients on stretches and strengthening exercises.

Some physical therapists also provide chiropractic treatment or you can seek the services of a local Epping Podiatrist. This type of treatment is not covered by Medicare since it does not focus on a particular illness. Many of the techniques used in chiropractic care for back, neck and other patients’ issues are geared towards preventing problems rather than healing them. Techniques such as spinal manipulation can be done only by a licensed chiropractor. If an injury or other problem occurs after the procedure, patients’ insurance will not pay for it.

There are some limitations of the services that Victoria therapists offer. They cannot perform surgeries or prescribe drugs. If patients need to seek treatment for an existing condition, they will have to find a provider for it. They cannot perform electrocardiograms, x-rays or confirmatory tests such as MRI. Patients are not permitted to drive while under the influence of medication.

There are other ways that the therapist or pilates classes in Epping may be able to help the patient. They can assess the strength of the patient’s ligaments and muscles and recommend stretches. They can also make recommendations on what exercise would help improve movement and balance. These exercises can be done at home or at the gym. The therapist can show other patients how to do these exercises and give referrals to other professionals who can help.

Epping Victoria offers many therapists a place to call home. They can be found in all areas of Victoria including Burnie, Broadlands, Melbourne, Melton Mowbray, Tugun and Moreton Bay. Some have family practices and may treat only their own patients. Others specialize in a certain type of therapy. In addition to their work in a clinic they may be able to open their own business providing physical therapy in a gym, practice group therapy, or even manage a gym themselves. They may work with patients of all ages but prefer to treat those who are in reasonably good health.

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