Individuals with severe disabilities require high levels of care to function. As a result, these individuals are unable to live independently in most circumstances. However, with the creation of the NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation and Assisted Living facilities in Sydney, or NDIS SDA in Sydney for short, disabled people finally have the chance to choose their own housing and live on their own. 

In particular, adults who benefit from NDIS can be eligible for the SDA program. SDA aims to move disabled people out of facilities and into a home of their own. Through this initiative, disabled individuals can have a residence that is tailored to their needs and supports an independent lifestyle. 

What Kind of Homes Are Offered?

SDA offers a range of design options and rehabilitation services in Sydney for participants. Which design is implemented depends on the resident’s level of disability, as well as, their specific needs. There is a basic design that offers a rudimentary level of support. This design helps promote support systems but the whole home might not be decked out with modifications. Instead, certain features and designs are implemented in certain areas of the residence. 

Improved liveability, on the other hand, adds more features to the home. It can even support people with intellectual and sensory disabilities. This design aims to make a home more liveable and physically accessible as a whole. If a resident has a more severe physical impairment, a fully accessible design might be used. 

The fully accessible housing option is made for people with high levels of physical disability. With this type of residence, the whole house is made physically accessible to the participant. In some cases, a robust design might even be used instead. 

This prevents damage to the home and helps reduce safety issues for the resident. This is done through the implementation of strong building material. Lastly, if the participant requires very high levels of support because of their disability, a high physical support design will be used. 

In addition to design specifications, the program also includes different housing options and disability service providers in Sydney. Apartments, duplexes, regular-sized homes, and even townhouses can be set up with these designs. Supported independent living (SIL) in Sydney or respite care services are also available. This allows four to five applicants of the SDA program to live together in a large home.    

How Can People Qualify For SDA?

To qualify for this type of disability housing, supported accommodation and assisted living in Sydney, applicants need to go through a screening process. If you already receive funding from the NDIS, this can help you become qualified for this type of housing. However, know that only a select few people are chosen for this program. 

Typically, individuals who are approved for this housing cannot live in conventional homes. They have a severe physical impairment that limits mobility and daily functioning. Applicants that are approved might also have intellectual disabilities in combination with a physical disability. And thus,  require a different type of living situation. 

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